Tuesday, May 1, 2012


goodbye you guys. we're leaving and we're not coming back. all four of us. it's not safe to stay here anymore. besides, it's not like there's anything left.

mommy is...happy in heaven. she's happy and she can't hurt anymore.

and i have a little brother now and i'll take care of him when daddy can't. we're gonna be okay, everything is gonna be alright.

it's all gonna be alright.


  1. I'm so sorry.

    Fate is a fickle bitch, kid. But you've made it this far. Try and live your life. Try and be careful.

    Try to live in comfortable paranoia. Know how to fight, how to run, and how to relax as you figure out when you need to do one or both.

    Always keep your eyes open, but learn to differentiate between the threatening and the benign. Become comfortable in your alertness. Learn to watch for the signs, the things that separate the ordinary from the attack.

    They're all out in the open if you learn what to look for. Most important of all, don't let comfortable paranoia define you. Learn to be a person in spite of everything you feel.

    And never, ever give up. Then again, I think you could teach us all a lesson or two on that front.

    Good luck, Cynthia Delmont. And be careful.

  2. You've grown up far too fast, my child.

    Try not to let the same thing happen to your brother.

  3. And please, please, try to maintain yourself. I see the lowercase, I know what that means to you. Tony, Simon, and that little baby need to be the most important things to you, because you're the most important thing to them. Don't lose them again, whatever you do.

  4. Cynthia Delmont, one of the slayers of Redlight, gone.

    Damn...well, better alive than anything else.


  5. Keep your head down, kiddo. We're all rooting for you.