Saturday, January 29, 2011


everyone is trying to tell me what to do and what to think. i know more than you know~! and i know that once Mommy is with us we'll be happy. He's been looking for Her for a very long time after all.

and poor Mommy can't see anything unless we want her to. She needs to remember before She can come with us. i'll give you a hint for you to tell Her- but you're gonna have to be clever if you ever want Her to find out what i said! c:

the person in my picture isn't rachel.

okay! that's it. oh and tell Mommy she needs to start moving if She wants to find anything. He's getting impatient.

love, cynthia


  1. Of course. He's so lonely or whatever that he needs to kill people and stuff their organs into plastic baggies.

    I can /certainly/ see what you see in him.

    Of course it isn't, it's your Mother, isn't it?

    I'm not your messenger, or his.

    And if you know more than us, what do you think you know?

  2. you don't see anything except what you want to see. c:

    the person in the picture? of course not! Mommy is standing with me and Him.

    okey dokey, guess She's gonna find out the hard way~.

    well if i told you then i wouldn't know more, silly!

  3. I meant the other girl. Not the dead one.

    The 'Hard Way?'

    That sounds highly vindictive for a girl who claims to love her Mother.

    You don't have to tell us, but you still haven't answered me as to whether or not his arms have grown back yet.....

  4. well yeah that's Her! good job!

    sometimes when you love someone you have to do things you don't wanna do- like leave them. but She'll understand in the end.

    yes i did! they never went away in the first place. if you wanna know if they look "normal" then yes they do. c:

  5. Well, it was a very good drawing. I don't know the dead one though....I suppose it's because I've never been near America or the people you know.

    Leaving is different to leading murderous killers to their doorstep.

    Are you okay since you carved that symbol into your arm? Why did you do that, by the way?

    Hmm. I suppose I'll have to try harder next time.

  6. well that's something Mommy has to figure out anyway, so it's okay.

    who said He was going to kill Her?

    ...i was confused. but i learned from my mistake and now everything is okay.

  7. He already killed Rachel, and he's killed many others before hand. It's a natural assumption to make. That and the fact that the neighbours seem highly suspicious.

    Hmm, your hesitation tells me not even /you/ wholly believe that.

  8. You know, I'm curious. What exactly does He want to do with us? What's his master plan?

  9. the neighbors are stupid but they can be useful. and rachel could have come with us but she refused, so what were we supposed to do?

    i believe everything i say! i don't know what you're talking about...

    master plan? He just wants to love everyone.

  10. How exactly? No offense, but I'm not really feeling the love.

  11. maybe you aren't letting Him love you. or maybe He doesn't wanna love everyone, just those who love Him back.

    though, i can't tell you everything He thinks of. that's impossible.

  12. And cold-blooded, brutal murder is perfectly excused?

    I hate to think of the pain Rachel was in. Or the pain you Mother will be in if she refuses to come with him.

  13. ava, humans have murdered for centuries too. and you still excuse them for everything they've done.

    rachel deserved it. but don't worry, Mommy won't refuse when the time comes.

    okey dokey, i gotta go now! talk to you guys later! c:

  14. Yes they have, but they have not gotten away with it if others could help it.


  15. I pray for your soul Cynthia.

  16. Oh, fuck you, you little prick. Your so called master is going to die a terrible death at the hands of a man from the Great White North.

    Also, go fuck yourself.

    Sincerely, Liam (the guy who's going to bloody murder you and your father.)

  17. @Liam: Dude! She's just a kid! Do you have to curse at her?

    @Cynthia: Maybe you should let your Mommy see this. Just so she can see for herself that you're safe.

    Can you tell us weather or not the person on the ground is a he or a she?

  18. Liam... she's a victim in this...

    She doesn't know what she's saying...


    hehehe... let's just calm down

  19. She has been hollowed we need to devise a plan to cure her and return hr to her mother. I feel sorry for her, but she's young so there was not many ways for her to resist. Once we have returned her to her mother we need to get them moving.

  20. @Sammie A kid who accepted to the offer of murder. And I already have some beef with Toothpick and his buttbuddies.
    So generally I don't really give two shits.

  21. Mommy won't see what i say because He doesn't want Her to. so i won't let Her. and i can't give any clues! that would be cheating, silly!

    hehehehehe liam is angry with me now i'm really scared~