Friday, January 28, 2011

rachel's gone

Mommy never let me have my own computer. but rachel doesn't need it anymore.


  1. So you have an account, "The Eleventh Hour."

    Hmm, Meaningful Names abound.

    You're alive....and seemingly malevolent. Or not understanding...or understanding and not caring.....

    This /shall/ be interesting....

    You said he was "Unhappy with me."

    I'm not exactly thrilled with him either.

    Are you willing to shed any light on why you decided to leave with him, instead of stay with your Mother?

  2. Hey, Cynthia, how are you doing?

    Your Mommy is really worried about you. Are you going to try to talk to her soon?

  3. hehehehehe, it's because i'm smart like that. i understand everything that's going on and everything that needs to happen. you guys act like i was dragged off against my will. He just wants to love you guys but you won't let Him. that's why He's unhappy.

    i didn't need to stay with Her. She's gonna be staying with us veeeeerrrry soon! and then we'll be together forever.

    i am doing fine. i'm the happiest i've ever been, actually. i know Mommy is worried but She's a worry-wart. but i'm gonna make sure She doesn't have to worry for too long.

  4. Cynthia, this man you're with is not a lover.

    We've all lost people to Him. Don't have your mother lose you.

  5. Little girl you understand nothing, and soon, very soon you won't need to because we are working on a way to kill Him. And then you'll be free of his influence. He is controlling you, and he plans on killing your mother as well as you. The young are so naive.