Wednesday, March 9, 2011

moving moving moving here we go. on the road driving who knows where with nothing to guide except words they cannot see. he's still alive which is troubling- i don't know why he won't die, maybe i'll have to do something soon. She's worried and sad and same as normal.

big brother says hi.

it looks like it's gonna rain and i hope it does. i like when it rains. it makes me feel something i can't quite describe.

there are still puzzles left. there are still mysteries unsolved. the wait is over. one two three four i declare an endless war.

the games are over, kids. it's time to start the real point to all of this.

1 e1even year o1d gir1
2 widow who wi11 stop at nothing to find her fami1y
3 twisted broken image of a man who hides his wide wide smi1e behind a mask

three p1ayers. each has their support. each has their own goa1. each has a connection to HIM. what are they going to do?

the time for ta1king is over, so you better get your game face on, cause' if you don't act soon it wi11 be the e1eventh hour.

and you'11 1ose everything.


  1. Cynthia, what do you know about Ava? Did your big brother tell you anything special?

  2. Hm. Too bad. I enjoyed the limited discussions we've had so far. They never got you the suit or the disco ball, did they?

    Ah well. That said, I do enjoy a good game. I would like to challenge you or your brother actually. Are you familiar with the game Gomoku?

    While it doesn't say so in the Wikipedia entry, the most important rule in Gomoku that I was taught is this: A player can spend up to 30 seconds on one turn, or split it among upcoming turns. After that time is up, only two seconds is allowed between each move.

    How about it? Shall we play?

  3. i know lots of stuff, rei. big brother trusts me like that. c:

    noooo they didn't sagey. although, to be fair, a lot of the people around here aren't exactly in their right mind. :/
    i've never heard of that game. the games i played were things like candyland and shoots and ladders. i don't think i would do so well at it, sagey.

    you too, yggy? isn't it wonderful?

  4. That's awful. You've been great, you could totally use something like that. Especially the hat. Everyone needs an awesome hat. :D

    As per the game, I do enjoy a game of Gomoku. I could never really wrap my head around things like Chess. I always hated how you could only move one piece at a time. XD Still, Gomoku suits me. Easy to play, hard as-all-get-out to master, and it teaches you a LOT about the person you're playing with.

    Talk to big brother. Find a board or a computer-game version. I bet you'd both enjoy it. Give it a try. I'll be around whenever one of you wants a different opponent. ;D

  5. i like hats. i think they can be really funny or really awesome!

    i like chess but i'm not really good at it, it's fun though. i like checkers more. c: and it teaches you about a person? that is a very special game.

    hehehehe, we already play games, but i'll be sure to tell him about this one. thank you! c:

  6. Wow. I haven't played Checkers in ages. I'll have to go play again, it'd be fun to try again after all this time. =D

  7. Maybe I could teach you a few good traps in chess, you might surprise someone with them one day.

  8. it's a really fun game, sagey! you should play again. c:

    hehehehe i'd like that, thage. learning some traps never hurts anyone.

  9. I think you're both pretty high on my lists of people I'm not walking into a chess game with if I can help it. ~_^

  10. hehehehehe, don't be silly, sagey. i'm not /that/ good at chess. c: