Monday, March 21, 2011

you people just keep pushing your luck, don't you?

it's only a matter of t i m e

tpw wuc vgc qmvg mob tpw yhll bhc h gpqc tpw scmlhic vghu. hv bpcuo'v nmvvcs vp nc h fwcuu ecamwuc mll vgmv nmvvcs hu Npnnt.

everyone is remembering
i think it's time for him to start remembering too
hehehehehehehehe we need time to talk
hope you don't mind big brother, i need to use some of them to find those two.

just a word of advice coming from a friendly eleven year old girl: you keep using it and He will find you and kill you much much faster.

have a nice day. c:


  1. done done done. that was nice. c:

  2. Yeah. . .yeah, uhm does daddy know where Nil is? Wait. . .capitols, DANGIT you mean Delmont don't you?

  3. You trust me less. :(

    Oh well. I can certainly understand it. You don't mind if I stick around and observe though, do you?

  4. who else would i be talking about, yggy?

    yes i do sagey, but you can always watch.

  5. I may not have gotten this right, but I think the scrambled letters translate to this: "you use the path and you will die i hope you realize this. it doesn't matter to me i fuess because all that matter is Mommy."

  6. you are correct leigh, good job! c:

  7. Aside from some weird typos here and there, that did sound plausible Leigh. And look. Cyn confirmed it.

  8. you're welcome leigh! c:

    who are you smokey?

  9. Someone who finally opened up to raw power.

  10. These crazies even have little kids sucked into this crap.