Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Last week I went and decided to look at the woods where everything had happened. Everything was still very dead looking and when I stepped into the burned areas I felt like something was watching me. It creeped me out but I tried to keep looking in case there was a clue somewhere about my parents. For a while I didn't find anything. I was just walking around and moving dead plants to see the ground better. The whole time the feeling of being watched continued and I was about to go back home when I did find something.

It was my dad's eye patch. I don't know what this means but it's something. Maybe he isn't dead and he got away. Maybe that means that mom isn't dead either. I don't know but when I picked up the eye patch I started to feel really bad- like I was going to puke and my head started to hurt too. I don't know why my body reacted like this but I got out of there with the eye patch as fast as I could. Simon was upset that I had gone back without him and  told me I was being, "Irresponsible and risking my life" but if there's anyone who can find my parents it's me.

I hid the eye patch in my room and then went to bed. Nothing weird happened that night. I didn't have any nightmares and I didn't see any tall men in suits. In fact nothing bad has happened at all since that stomach ache at the field.

I did go to Leah's house Friday. Her mom and dad are really nice and acted very...careful around me. I guess they know that I had gone missing for over half a year and that my mom is missing now. I dunno, Simon says that the story about my family got a lot of news time. Anyway Leah and I just sort of hung out and talked a lot about school, the other students, likes and dislikes, hobbies, and life. It was nice, I guess, to talk to someone my age. I couldn't tell her everything but she seemed like she actually cared and just wanted to make sure I was okay. I think I can see Leah as a friend.

The therapist hasn't been much help really. I talk to her but she can't get anything out of me about what really happened. I told her I didn't want the hypnosis and Simon agreed because then I might have said something that got her in trouble.

Jade- We made sure not to let her do it. She understood and promised not to push the hypnosis.

Elaine- So I guess Morningstar wasn't a good guy after all? We all saw this coming so I don't know why  you trusted him after everything he's done...

Ridley- I'm not sure what that's all supposed to mean. Cryptic stuff is pointless and a waste of time.


  1. Just be careful, kiddo. You've been through a lot already.

  2. He didn't hurt me. And he could have. I think he's just...
    Whatever slendershit did with the tentacles must've... whatever this is, it's related.
    He's not gone back, he's just... raving. I trust him.
    He wouldn't have gone back.

  3. Also, I'm glad you're doing well. I hope whatever happened with the stomachache doesn't come back to haunt you.

  4. Cynthia, I'm confused. You say you don't know what it means and then you state exactly what the purpose of it is. Granted, I do not recall writing any of that weird shit, but I can't imagine I'd ever leave cryptic stuff around for any actual purpose. That would just be silly.

    Stay frosty.