Friday, October 28, 2011

So Dad grounded me for going back to the field. I don't even know if he really knows what grounding is cause' he's been gone for my whole life, but Simon actually agreed and took his side. That isn't fair-I was just trying to find some sort of clue to help Mom!

Whatever. I need to get off, if they catch me on the computer they'll just get angry again. I think Dad is really starting to hate these blogs.


  1. Your dad doesn't think that it's really your mom, kiddo. And truth be told, he's got a point. The big thin guy has a tendency to corrupt things. He just doesn't want you to get mixed up in things again.

  2. I understand wanting to help, but please be careful.

  3. Take the day off and have a happy All Hallow's Eve!


  4. Okay Cynthia. Here's a reality check that needs to happen: you're an eleven to twelve year old girl who's boxed into a situation that involves an entity that represents the fear of the unknown and can attack at unknown intervals who is now attempting to find answers by going into the unknown.

    You were given a chance to walk away and be normal. Take it while you can. I've been the hunted 11 year old before, and the first thing I learned was to enjoy every bit of normalcy I could.

    Don't seek this thing out. Don't go looking for your mom. Trust in Tony and Simon. And for gods' sake, if she shows up at your school, do NOT go with her, as something is seriously wrong here.

  5. Sage- I know, I know! I get it, alright? It's bad for me to do this kinda stuff and look for my Mom but that's my Mom! I can't just give up on her when she didn't give up on me!

    I get that there's some terribly monster out there that can kill me and that maybe Mom isn't herself but we don't know that for sure. That's my /Mom/ and I can't just forget everything and try to live normally. I can't do that no matter how hard I try. I can't trick myself into thinking this is better when I still don't have my Mommy and my Dad and Simon are acting like she might try and hurt me or someone else will. Okay I can't do this. I'm sorry but I can't.