Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sorry I've been gone for so long but Dad didn't want me getting on the blog and updating. He says that Mom doesn't need to talk to me and she might want to. Well...I'm gonna talk to her if she tries because I'm tired of being scared of something happening. I haven't seen any sign of creepy guys who have lost their mind or the monster. And Leah has been really nice to me so...I'm gonna get stronger so I can protect my family and friends.

And whatever is happening to Mom I'm gonna find a way to help her. I will. I know I will. Tomorrow I'm gonna try and go look in the clearing again. By the time Dad checks this I'll have gone there and back. He'll be angry when he finds out, but I'm not just gonna stand back and let Mom get hurt over something that's probably my fault.


  1. Hey, be careful, Cyn. Put something up so we know you're alright?

  2. Where is Simon?

    When did your dad show up?

    Talk to us. What's the story?

  3. Elaine- I'll try to do it more so I don't make people worry.

    Big Robin- Thanks.

    Rabbit- I'll be as careful as I can.

    Thorn- I hope so.

    Sage- Simon is still here. He and Dad don't get along that well and they fight a lot...well, Dad makes fun of him a lot and he gets upset, but he's still here. I think he's trying to be as uninvolved with everything as possible though.
    Dad showed up a few days before he posted on my blog. He was out of it and saying all kinds of crazy things, but he wasn't one of the monsters people. I just knew he wasn't and he hasn't done anything to make me think different.
    Nothing is really happening. After Dad showed up I thought I was gonna see the monster everywhere but there hasn't been anything. No one has tried attacking us and I haven't gotten any creepy messages or anything. Everything is weirdly normal which is what I guess bothers me the most. I guess I'm just used to the crazy.