Wednesday, April 13, 2011


i went for a walk cause' it's a nice day. i haven't seen big brother in a while and there's no one to talk to. it's boring, especially when He is gone.

i got to play with some kids in the park- we climbed the jungle gym and threw a frisbee around. i haven't played with kids my age in was nice. they were worried about me though. they said i looked unhealthy and asked if i had messed up my clothes that day. i laughed and told them no, that i was okay because Daddy takes care of me.

for some reason they wanted me to come with them back to their parents to talk or something? i don't know why they were so concerned. :c

i was gonna go with them, but i looked over and

rachel was standing there. it was rachelrachelrachel how are you here you were gone why did i see you raaaccheeelll you're gone now so it's okay okey dokey smokey

smile smile smile and ignore the feeling of being watched hehehehehe


  1. Huh, that's interesting. Feeling guilty Cynthia?

  2. Hey now, keep it together girl. Don't be goin' n losin' your mind on us here. Got enough crazies around here.

    Stay frosty, we're always watching.

  3. Cynthia are you ok sweetie?

  4. feeling guilty for what, smokey? c:

    hehehe i'm not crazy, cariot. everyone else is crazy but me.

    i am perfectly fine, kay. i was just seeing things. i probably need to sleep more or something. :/

  5. ~_^ Being crazy has its perks. Mostly because it means that you get to see the things that the sane ones might not spot.

    Personally, I get worried about the sane ones. You're sure you're okay? :(

  6. i'm sure i am fine sagey, i haven't seen her since the park, so i was probably just tired. c:

  7. You be careful kid.
    Also, Iscariot's busy, this is Ridley. I'm runnin' thing's for him till he gets back.
    Suppose I could make that clear.


    How 'bout that?

    Anyway, stay frosty y'all. We watchin' always.

  8. hello riddles, nice to meet you. i don't think anything is gonna hurt me, if that's what you think. hehehe, no one messes with me anymore. c:

  9. Walks in the park, and ghost from the past?

    How very quaint...

    -The Liesmith

  10. it doesn't usually happen, but i dunno. like i said, i think i was tired. :/

  11. Hello, Cynthia. I just got caught up with your blog, and it's given me a lot to think about. Everyone always says that He's a monster, but you seem very happy with him...

  12. hello there jojo, it's nice to meet you! c: has it really made you think? Daddy is super nice to me i don't know why people keep saying He's bad. He only does what He has to. :/