Wednesday, June 22, 2011

one two three four five six seven

i'm coming for number five. can you guess which one that is? i know where they are. i can see them if i want to. it's a matter of timing.

rachel will tell me. and i need to lose these stupid bodyguards that keep following me around. big brother won't let them leave me alone.

it's time. i am going to prove to Daddy how strong i am.


  1. Cyn? Maybe... I don't know. Don't hurt anyone. I know you're working for him, and so that's kind of the order of the day, but your Mom would be sad.
    And be careful.

  2. Cynthia dear, please do not do anything foolish.

    I would hate for you to die before I got the chance to meet you in person and knock some of Redlight's nonsense out of your head.


  3. cyntia is dont undertand why you wanna kill me and your actually really cazy i hope you now

    i just anna be your dad and you wont let me and you go with thatbthing instead so i guess this means that were enemies and i cn hurt you if i need to

    i tried to care but i dont think do anymore

  4. Cynthia, it's fine. You don't have to prove your psycho "daddy" that you're strong. Just leave everything behind you and go back to your mum.