Thursday, May 5, 2011

for the record robbie, i went out with some of and bought some jellybeans. they tasted horrible but then again food tastes really bad to me these days, so it was nothing new. i think there's something wrong with my mouth so i don't know if tastes are going to be able to help me. hehehehe but i'll get some pixie sticks and eat and eat and eat and maybe they'll leave me alone if i get a stomach ache and start throwing up.

i shared the food with rachel too, she was very happy to eat something after so long. i don't know how she can keep food in with her guts hanging out of her body but she smiled and thanked me. we're getting along right now but people look at me strangely when i talk to her.


kay please don't fight zero. i don't like him, the others talk about how he kills people and i like you. even big brother doesn't like him or trust him. zero i don't know if you even know this blog exists but if you do i want you to leave her alone. if you hurt kay i will hurt you. i will hurt you so much you won't be able to run ever again or swing your stupid blade or kill.

i'm having trouble thinking lately. my hands are shaking every so often and i almost fell over. i think it's starting to work...the change, that is.

hehehehehe rachel is telling me i've written enough. i think i have too.


  1. Sweetie, I don't want to fight Zero, I don't want to fight anyone. But he left me another comment and it seems that he's determined to come after me. But I promise you, if I have any other choice, I won't fight him.

  2. no...if he tries to hurt you i want you to hurt him. really bad.

    i don't like zero.