Saturday, August 6, 2011

bad girl bad girl bad girl killing yourself isn't the answer bad bad bad bad bad bad good?

look at all of them all of the children morningstar rika zero Redlight. Proper grammar proper spelling proper everything now we are not some idiot who has never gone to school. You saw them in the end, didn't you? Slitting your wrists and bleeding out in the bathtub with your family pounding on the door outside trying to get in and stop death.

You saw them.

Mommy and Daddy reaching for you in the darkness. In the end you still see Anthny as your father-it amazes me.

Me. Who am I?

Well, haha, who do you think?

Who has been speaking to Cynthia the whole time, keeping her in line for Him and Redlight? You didn't really think she could handle both presences on her own did you? It's too much for a kid to handle on their own. All the other children get snatched and die so easily but sometimes the lucky few can figure out a coping mechanism.

Cynthia did.

Who am I?

Who am I....hmmmm, well, I guess you can call me Rachel. Or Cynthia. Really it's still her I guess but not her. It's...the Cynthia that Redlight wants. It's the Cynthia that he'll get.

I guess her plan to regain sanity didn't work?


  1. It's never that simple with cases of the mind. But hey, what happens is what happens. All I can do is watch.

  2. Looks like one has broken into two. Great, that'll end well.