Thursday, February 3, 2011


i love it. it makes Him so happy.

count down 54321 and then there's no one left

tell me, what are you going to do?


  1. :)

    We need some of that don't we?

    But your poor mommy.

  2. there's always a need for chaos. it makes people fall apart.

    She has to /learn/ before she can come with me.

  3. my dearest cynthia,

    i am so happy that you love the chaos! that is a love we both share. it makes me so very happy to see them dance so gracefully. perhaps you and i can share a dance some time as well!

    with love

  4. bruder, huh? i've never heard of you before...why would you wanna dance with me? i'm no good at working with people.

  5. Wait a minute, Cyn you don't know Bruder?

    So you don't know what happened to NOOC?

  6. Hey. Cynthia. I've got a car battery and a hand saw.

    I think that's enough of a clue. -Liam.

  7. you may not know me, but that is simply because this is my first time to introduce myself. i believe we share the same daddy, you and i.

    if not, i am sorry. but if so, i hope you can call me your brother, just as i call you my sister.

    and dancing is so much fun. i think you and i should dance some time.

    maybe once all the puppets have stopped dancing

  8. Cyn, I don't know where you are right now. But a lot of stuff is going wrong, so if you could see this, as a favor to me and your mom, stay away from the Slender Man, hide somewhere, and do not respond to NOOC until HE himself is back in control.

  9. shut the FUCK up Gospel. your stupid little message that you put out to cynthia and bruder? GUESS WHAT!!!


  10. Oh, Cynthia.

    You do realize where's-his-face hurts people, right? He's a theif, stealing everything we have. It's his fault people keep dying around us. I've had people I care about die, pretty much everyone here has, because of him.

    Do you really believe what he's doing is right?


  11. yggy, of course i don't know him. it's the first time i've heard of him to be honest. but if he sees Him as leader father king, then he's family, i guess. hehehehe you all say that you're family but you forget that those of us that you hate are our own family.
    i don't keep up with those who don't matter as much to me. how am i supposed to know?

    hehehehe lili you are very creative. are you a good artist as well?

    bruder, i suppose i can call you that. i've always wanted one but after dad left Mommy didn't date anyone else. i'm not sure if they'll ever stop, but that's just as well because without them life would be boooooring.

    you again, yggy? there's no reason for me to hide. who's a threat to me?

    they are, gospel. i've never had one before so this is a nice first one! c:

    ooooohhhh nooooooc is baaaack~ i hope bruder is okey-dokey.

    vivi i realize that most things in this world can hurt people, the difference is that He's better than everything else. hehehe i've never had a Daddy and He cares about me
    hehehehe i love Him, He's the best.

  12. Er, Cyn. That scrunched together text. . .what was THAT about? You okay?

  13. hehehehehe i'm fine, what was what about? c:

  14. . . Nothing Cyn, I'll let you get back to what you're doing.

  15. yggy, shes losing it.

    i dont know why or how, but she is.

  16. Maybe because Slender isn't paying any attention to her anymore.

    Maybe because he likes someone else better than his 'daughter'. Hmm?

  17. nooo He's watching me right now, He says that you're just trying to trick me. how rude! :c

  18. well obviously. i dont think slendy ever really DID love her.

    especially not like her mother does.

  19. Oh he's looking at the computer screen? Let me ask you something Mr. Slender. Do you even LIKE Cynthia? Or is she just a project? Someone to make like Sandra, only someone who wants you around? You came to her now to strengthen your hold on her am I right?

  20. ..............................

    HE llllll1111111111111oves me

    i have to go because He needs me to do something and this conversation is pointless i'm sorry Daddy i shouldn't have listened to them don't be angry i'm a good girl i promise

  21. He needs you to DO something? Oh well joy. How about he gets on and chats me up? I'm real talkative.

  22. i think it would be awesome if i could talk to him.

    ive got a few choice words for him.

  23. Cynthia, you don't sound so certain that he really loves you. Or that he's better than everyone else. How is he "better" when all he does is bring suffering?


  24. @Good Girl Time for me to call you another nickname.

    Does Darling sound good?

    Yes. I am a good artist.

    Also. Cynthia. I'm coming together with my friends NOOC and Yggy.

    And if Slender Man, or as you say, "Daddy Dearest", is reading. I have a message for him. A direct quote from Duke Nukem.

    "I'm gonna kick your ass, bitch."

    I'll see you later. Darling.

  25. We have so muc fun with Him!


  26. He doesn't love you. How could he? You're a bad little girl who's too stupid to know what he wants from you. He'll never love you because you'll never be smart enough to know what he wants.

    Run back to the rabbit hole, little girl, and maybe one day he'll miss having someone around he can laugh at.

  27. dont listen to them sister! i can take care of one this hate filled people soon. dont let them talk bad about you or our daddy!

  28. yggy and nooooooc, that's silly. why would He get on the computer? it's kind of a funny picture if you think about it, hehehe! all scrunched up on a chair by the table tap tapping away.

    why would i be uncertain, vivi? He doesn't make me suffer at all and our family is all that matters.

    oooooh, i like the name darling, lili. i think you and i are going to be best friends! this is good because ever since rachel left me, i haven't had any.

    ? who are you, hate? are you my family?

    no thage you don't know anything. He told me so and He never lies to me. you're wrong you're wrong you're wrong!

    you're back! why don't you just make your own blog. hacking nooooooooc's is too much trouble. :c

  29. Silly little girl, He doesn't love anyone. He's just telling you He does so He can see that look of trust in your eyes crumble when you realize how so, so wrong you are.

    I just hope I can see it, too.

  30. i think i will make one. a good idea Cynthia. i will talk to you once its made

  31. and here it is! my new account.

  32. thaaage you seem like an angry person! you should try to be happy more, or at least find other things to be happy about. c:

    oooooh, a new fresh account. that'll make things super duper easy.

  33. @Good Girl I like the idea of being friends. We can play together and sing songs and hopefully your daddy won't hurt me like Rachel. Who was a stupid person.

  34. What can I say, I enjoy it when little girls cry after they realize their Daddy never loved them.

  35. hehehehe lili, that means that you have to come with us if you don't want Him to hurt you.

    daddy never did love me, did he? he left me left me left me all alone because i wasn't good enough. not even one day. i guess he was disgusted by me and Mommy wasn't good enough for him either. i have no daddy just an empty seat next to me waiting to be filled
    ehehehehe i /never/ cry th
    i did though every birthday because he wasn't there and he didn't love me because he left m
    age! c:


    you know what your brother's last words were?



    he was so confused!

  37. oooooh, those are bad last words.

    i have to say, you're doing a good job, noooooc. c:

  38. ...i know i am.

    but why are you congratulating me on killing Bruder? is it some kind of sick thing that.....

    wait... why is it a good job?

  39. heheheh silly matty, you're doing a good job at being a murderer! it's fantastic, He's so proud of you for stepping up to the plate!

    bruder, well, he was a nice man, wasn't he? but you showed him! chop chop there goes the head and another job well done! you're shaping up to be a good member of our family. i hope you're as excited as we are! <3

    though i suppose bruder isn't excited, is he? beheading isn't very pleasant and it'd make me angry if i got my head pulled off. :/

  40. youre a fucking nut job for thinking im ANYTHING like you.

  41. That's right. He left you, just like He will. That's how you play the game. He'll get bored of you, and find another little girl. And this one will be smart.

  42. noooooooooooc okey dokey, you can think what you want, but the truth doesn't go away! c:

    He won't get bored of me because he's nothing like daddy. daddy deserves to die for what he did and He hasn't done anything wrong, ever.

  43. He's already got another little girl.

    Cyn's an experiment, trouble is the one he's got is smarter and doesn't really enjoy his company. He wants the best of both worlds.

  44. Hate is a second persona my mind created under the stress, if I'm not your family, he isn't.