Tuesday, February 1, 2011

everyone is banding together. robbie rob robert wants to find me? hehehehehe he won't see me until i want him to. redlight can't do anything, redlight just failed at keeping him from doing anything. i don't mess up.

responses before everything else that- sounds okay to me!

hello thage! hehehehe Mommy won't have anywhere to hide soon, so it's okay. you don't have to worry about Him. it was nice of you though.

hello liam! one way or another i'm gonna find ya', i'm gonna getcha getcha getcha- what you said reminded me of that song. c: i like that song. i like you too liam, you're funny.

hello will! no one is gonna find me but it's okay to keep thinking so. c:

hello hime! i think hime might be crazy you guys! you should help her! all that talk about pain and judgment is obviously a cry for help. :c

hello peter! you are a new face. what did i mean? i wonder...

hime again! i'm in a perfectly normal state. in fact, i'm better than ever. c:

hello nooc! but who says you'll see Him next time He comes around looking for you, silly? better be careful or it'll be your head on a stick. <3

back to more important topics: my Mommy. that silly Girl is staying with someone else now. didn't She learn after the first time? it's actually kinda sad that She doesn't seem to get what She needs to do. but it's okay because i'm willing to help. and so are so many others, hehehehehehe
poor Mommy is so scared right now. She really wasn't ever the bravest person, you know. in fact, She hated anything horror related. we're going to make sure She's never scared again. c:
okay just for you Mommy i'll give you four clues. be on the lookout for the first one!


  1. I do have a few questions; Why did you seem relieved when your Mother was in he room with you, but seem so scared when she left?

    What made you confused enough to carve the symbol into your wrist?

    Why do you like him?

    How can you forgive the murders?

  2. oh trust me. I will see him. i have my ways of finding the unfindable.

    As for my head on a stick, i dont think that will happen, simply because i refuse to die.

    you will find quite quickly that there is such a thing as an unkillable human.

  3. I'm funny, eh?

    Tell that to him. Tell Him it was pretty fucking funny for him to tear off Johnny's arms. Not.

    Enjoy your time. -Liam.

  4. @Liam- you know that saying "Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn"?

    well imagine what will happen to you if you lay a harmful hand on Cynthia. her mom will go ballistic on you. Ava will go ballistic on you. lots of people will go ballistic on you.

    i wont. ill just rip your throat out. very calmly. very clean.

    we have a fucking cure you bastard. no need to destroy that which can be saved.

  5. I'm actually kind of sad you didn't say hi to me, Cynthia.

    And Liam, ease off.

  6. avaaaa: hehehehe silly, i was afraid that He was gonna take Her without me. but it turned out okay in the end.
    i obviously thought that it would help Him- though i'm not quite sure what it does. either way it's with me now~
    He's nice to me. He loves me and promised to take care of Mommy and i no matter what. some people deserve to die, right? that's what He told me, and He's never wrong.

    noooooc- an unkillable human? that's sounds like fun! c:

    lili- He thought it was pretty funny too! you two should talk more. <3

    kaiju- i'm sorry! hello kaiju, how are you?

  7. yes. unkillable. and if you ask me why, i will not tell you. cant let you know my secrets after all.

  8. Pretty good, how are you? You're mom's worried about you.

  9. My wound is healing. My wish is to help others.

  10. @Good Girl- I agree. While I stab him in the face. With a knife covered in his substance.

    Also, what type of knife does he prefer? Can't decide between a Swiss Army Knife, or stainless steel kitchen model.

    @NOOC-Not saying I'm going to hurt Cynthia, but him. It. Whatever you prefer. I'm going to stab either way.

  11. noooooc- hehehe i love secrets! make sure not to tell anyone, okay?

    kaijuju- i'm so awesome right now! i know Mommy's worried. but things are ~right about~ to change. don't worry, She'll be okay soon. c:

    princess- you should make sure to do that the best you can then!

    lili- i think He likes all weapons- they're amusing cause' they never do anything. i'd say go for the fanciest one you can find, with all sorts of pretty designs on it and a cool handle and stuff. they're prettier.

  12. I wont.

    Would you mind relaying a message to Him for me?

    tell him this:

    "No one of consequence is going to be the bane of your existence"

    Do you think you can tell him that for me? It would make me so happy if you did.

  13. silly nooc, you don't tell Him things. He tells you things. but i'm sure He already knows that you said this. c:

  14. *gasp* you are absolutely correct. My mistake. I'll make sure to listen better for Treefinger's response.

    I'm sure he does as well

  15. Well, aren't you just batshit crazy, now? It's almost cute how you think you're still a person.

  16. I know she'll be okay soon, but how about you tell us a few of those clues you were talking about? I'll relay them to her to help your mommy.

  17. Dear girl, I don't think you've been keeping up with the situation. Should I happen to find your mother, and offer her asylum, well... I've got a secret deal with Him and He doesn't come to my house. Ever. Wouldn't that just be quite the bug in your belfry?

  18. "New face"? Nah, it's the same I've always had.
    Now if two Slender Men met up, how would you be able to tell them apart?

  19. jekyll i am the most adorable girl you will ever meet! it's good that you think so too. and me? crazy? why ever do you think that?

    kaijuju, i already gave Her a clue. it's up to Her if She figures it out! c:

    thage, that depends on if you can get to Her first. something tells me you won't~

    two slendermen? there is only one.

  20. @Good Girl You're going to kill Thage. is that how it's gonna be?

    And I agree with Jekyll. Why align yourself with a murderous maniacal creature who harms Children? it's practically letting yourself into a trap laid by him.

    Also. In response to your boast about weapons. I think that I'll get some sort of large, electricity producing device. Just to "shock" him. Hehehehehe.

  21. I'm just curious as to why you feel so special Cynthia? What's it shown you to make you feel like you're any different from the other victims?

  22. lili, who said anything about killing? c: He only punishes the bad children who deserve it. i think you should- and that was a pretty "punny" joke, hehe!

    oooooh, that's a long name. i'll call you yggy! He loves me. He told me so. i'm not special, i just succeeded where others didn't. i went with Him when everyone else ran away.

  23. Oh?

    Freaking technicalities!

    Anyway time to be serious.

    If you call me Yggy I'm going to call you Cyn okay?

    Are you absolutely sure he's telling the truth.

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  26. i'm okay with this nickname. it makes me feel like we're friends and i like that. He would never lie to me. He promised. c:

    stupid. i already knew that. there's no need for code what do we need to hide? you're making us look bad, fool.