Monday, February 14, 2011

You made a wrong choice, Ava. You shouldn't have taken her. You shouldn't have hurt Redlight. You tried to do two options at once and that is not acceptable. From now on trust no one. From now on expect every person you meet to be out to kill you. From now on you might want to keep an eye on Cynthia, hehehehe.

She's coming home. But thank you for telling her parents to meet all three of you in the same place. It'll be a lovely reunion.

Every second she stays away from us, the more agitated she grows. How long until she does something drastic? How long until she breaks free and stabs dear old lover boy in the chest? Or you in the back? Or Tony in the throat? Or Cathy in the heart? You aren't as smart as you believe.

And who am I? Just a carrier of words. Just like every person on this earth. You've underestimated His power. He can take control of whomever He wants whenever He wants. In fact, I'll show you who I am.

Justin Port. 17 years old. Male. 5 foot 8 inches. Red hair. Brown eyes. Below average weight. Suffers from paranoia brought on by self esteem issues. Easily broken and used. Weak. No one would miss him. No one.

Good news. I am going to die after I submit this post. I will go walk myself into the middle of the road and lay down. But I am happy because He wants me to. He gave me a purpose and now it will be fulfilled. Thank you Avalesca for choosing two instead of one.


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  1. Your probably dead already, but you do know we have the cure right? We can cure her. Also why are proxies always so stupid? I mean every time one hijacks a blog or tries to attack us they always miss something completely obvious and then fail horribly.