Friday, February 11, 2011


i'm so very happy right now i can't even describe.

don't worry Mommy we'll find you again. now that You know...well, You didn't think things were going to be easy, did You?

and oh boy oh boy redlight is certainly making you all freak out, isn't he? it's amazing! how people can be thrown into chaos so easily so quickly so entertainingly! hehehehehehehehehehehehehe

He's better now too. i messed up but i won't again. MommytonymeHimavakaymatthewrobertzekemvivililiprincessthageyyggykaijujuwillysomanypeoplesolittletime

we're going to have some fun

heheheheh i love my daddy. He's the best.

i hope we can all meet someday.


  1. Slendy has done a bad, bad thing to Vivi, you know that? He made her cry and he made her suffer. I don't like him very much, kiddo. Pretty much nobody here does. Maybe you should wonder why.


  2. Hmm.

    Dear, are you sure He can really love you?

  3. Oh, dear. Cynthia, do you want to talk to me?

  4. Kaijuju. Cute.

    We're looking out for you Cynthia.

    You can beat this.


  5. Okay. So you've got Yggdrasil. Now I got something to punch your Daddy in the face for. TWice. One for Johnny, and one for Yggy. Sounds fair?

    Good. -Liam.

  6. chess? hehehehehe have we talked before? i don't have to wonder because He tells me everything. and i know He's good,

    mcinky! He told me so and why would He lie to me?

    shelly, i like to talk to people. what do you wanna talk about? we could discuss how nice the weather was today- i love sunny days!

    i thought the nickname kaijuju was cute too! you're looking out for me? i think you should watch your back more. c:

    hey lili! weeeellll if you wanna trrrry~!

  7. I suppose I should be grateful Kay is all ready a very short nickname.

    Cynthia is it you or Redlight that makes what you write invisible to your mommy?

  8. yeah, i don't have to think of a nickname for you! c:

    me or redlight? i'd like to meet redlight, i've only seen him from far far away.

  9. I agree, so many targets, so little ammo.

  10. Darling, you're daddy's tricks are getting old. Too old for me to count.

    Please, Darling Cynthia, will you ask him politely to let down for a couple days? I just want a week to sleep. -Liam.

    P.S. While you're at it, ask him where's Yggdrasil.

  11. Its sunny here too! Though I like it better a little cloudy, so its not too bright. Does your... Daddy like phones? He almost took mine!