Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Four, three, two, and one.

My name is Tommy. I am nine years old. My hair is blond and I have green eyes. My birthday is in a little while and my parents are excited to finally throw a party for "double digits". This nice man came to me and told me I was getting my present early.

We are not doing this for Cynthia. Cynthia is "one of us", but there is no such thing as a special individual in His eyes. In them we're all equal. Do you know why this is happening? Because Avalesca broke the rules. She had three options to choose from. She had to choose one and only one and perform one and only one. By harming Redlight she broke the rules.

And the reason why He is doing this? I couldn't tell any of you. Don't act like you know what He would do because He is unlike anything in our world. His entire being cannot be predicted because we cannot possibly understand Him. I am only writing what He tells me, I have no idea why He is doing this, why He chose us, why He wants to mess with you people.

But this time Avalesca only gets to watch. She's been a very bad girl so she doesn't get any say in the deal this time. This makes the game more fun.

You have two children. Cynthia and I. Cynthia will never be the same, she will try and kill innocents as long as she can. I am just a child picked off the streets while I was playing outside with my friends.

You have two options and only two. Pick one and only one.
You can give Cynthia back to Him. Do this and I will be able to go home and won't remember anything that happened.
Or you can give me to Him. Do this and you will have her...for now.
I'm sure by this point you know that if you break the rules more die. Deals are not made often because we are below Him, though they are fun. Death is fun. Breaking bones, snapping necks, and cutting meat is amusing. Picking the mind apart is even better.

How do I know this? He does not have words, you see. But when He "speaks" to you, you know what He wants.

And as for functioning members of society, why would He care? He can be mean if He wants to, after all with most of you He just toys with you all. Society? People? Lunatics? Every person is the same, some are just more interesting to break than others. And we should be happy to be given a purpose. I am happy that I get to die young.

Cathy and Tony. You have to decide. Don't break the rules. I will sit here and wait for your answer.

This is so much fun, isn't it?



  1. Please do what's right you two.

    Well... on one hand perhaps Cynthia's no good anymore.

    But on the other hand, if this boy were to die, would it be so bad?

    Either way I am being quite cruel. Only you two can decide what is right.

  2. ...Tony, Cathy. the next few words i am about to type will likely make you hate me.

    Let Cynthia go back and let the boy live.

    lets face it, we are in a lose-lose situation.

    on one hand, we get to keep a proxified girl who will continue to try to kill us no matter what, but an innocent boy dies for no just cause.

    on the other, you two lose your child and a nameless, faceless person gets to have a birthday.

    i know its tough, but please, choose the lesser of two evils and give Cynthia up.


  3. I agree with Matthew(feel's GOOD to know his name again.)

    This isn't. .there isn't any hope.

  4. Come ON. This is so unfair. Children. I know it's not news, but it's tearing everyone up.

    Hey. Tom. The Slender Man doesn't have a face, much less eyes. Oh. Now I'm going to have nightmares about the most scariest eyes ever.

    Stay on topic. This sucks. "Whenever I am presented with two evils, I always choose the one I've never tried before." No. Bad. Morbid humor. Not helping. I suggest not being hasty, at the very least. Stay strong, everyone. Please. The only thing LEFT is hope. Good luck.

  5. Oh, God.... Slenderman, if you EVER read this, YOU HAVE CROSSED THE FUCKING LINE. Sorry.... Tommy, if you want, you can talk to me! Do you like drawing?


  6. Cathy and Tony both said yes on Cathy's blog. Now let him go.

  7. I don't trust this. It smells like a trick. Look at the previous blog entries the writing style is the same as this one. I believe that there is one person behind all of them. I'm not trying to cruel, but I wouldn't put it past them. I say keep Cynthia.