Sunday, February 6, 2011


it's fun reading the last post, isn't it? hehehehehe try not to cry, okay? oh and thank you kay for helping Her. i was afraid She wasn't going to get ~anywhere~! oh, don't worry i'm not reading e-mails. i guess you could call it a woman's intuition about what you two are discussing hehehehehehehehe

two clues left two clues left

you better go now Mommy or they're gonna die alone!

you know who's a fun person? redlight stoplight readysetgo he's a nice man, i like him.


  1. Oh dear. What would you know about "woman's intuition", Cynthia? Woman's intuition is about feelings. You don't seem to have much, the way you are behaving.

    Question: Who is going to die alone?

    Depends what you define as a "fun" person. I guess Two Face and Razor could be fun people. I mean that in the most negative way possible.


  2. of course i feel, silly vivi. i feel everything still and
    it doesn't bother me at all. c:

    answer: why should i tell you?

    yeah! they sound fun, but they have some weird names. i mean, who would name their child two face?

  3. I have a friend who was like you once, a Hallowed. Maybe you should talk to her?

    I was just curious, Cynthia. If you don't want to tell me, fine.

    I don't think Two Face is her real name. Her name is actually Kristen, but she doesn't like it any more.


  4. we could talk if she wants to. i always like making new friends! c:

    don't feel bad, vivi. i can't tell anyone because it's a ~secret~.

    oooooh she went crazy, didn't she? most people do because they don't want His love. so He has to make them love Him.

  5. You can't make someone love you, Cynthia. That leads to things like making that person cut into their hand.

  6. The clock's ticking, and your mom's slipping through His fingers. If she reaches home base, He can't get to her until she goes to bat again.

  7. You can talk to her at I'm sure she'd love to talk to you.

    Crazy is right. Two Face is not a very nice person. Neither is Razor. They kidnapped Chester. It was not very nice of them.


  8. Redlight doesn't seem like a nice guy, granted I don't know that much about him but if he's anything like Bruder well then. . .