Thursday, February 17, 2011


i told Daddy on you. He's not very haaaapppyyyy~~


  1. one thing you all should remember when you look back at what happened and think of me and think of Him and think of them.

    no one commands Him. He is everything. He decides who dies and who lives. He is not to be taken lightly.

    you know why i asked Him? because He does not like outsiders getting involved without His permission. in the end it's not me who makes anything happen. it's Him. it's always been Him. consider this a warning. to anyone who tries to jump in without knowing the rules. He can be mean. it's time everyone remembered this.

    hehehehehehehehe did i make you proud, big brother?

  2. he might tell me aaaall about it tomorrow when i talk to him.

    that is, if he shows up.

    hope he does.

    anyway, Cynthia, i hope you have a marvelous day.

    tell whoever may care that i said hi

  3. i did. i really did. it's was fun watching them try and fight.

    of course we care about you noooooooc. we /always/ care.

  4. @Yggy, Delty= delta = person who held Ava's mom hostage = person who i want to kill so hard right now.

    @Cynthia, ...i guess know someone cares.

  5. Nooc you are more than welcome into our family. All you have to do is say the word.

  6. hello (x)? who are you? :/

    look at noooooooooooooc's comment, yggy. delty is now my best friend too. c:

  7. I am a member of the family. Father has me running some errands right now so I thought I would be polite and say hello.

  8. oh! hello then! nice to meet you ex. c:

  9. what the hell is up with you idiots and trying to get /ME/ of all people to join?

  10. i dunno nooooooc maybe your smile is pretty? :/

    doggy you aren't making any sense.