Friday, February 18, 2011

hehehehehehe big brother got me a hoodie~!  bet you all are jealous- it's soooo cool. we're also watching pinky and the brain and i like it. it's nice to just sit here with him and look at cartoons. i've always wanted a big brother and he's perfect, y'know?

i think i'm going to stick with him as much as i can. some of the others aren't as nice to me. :c

family has to have each others backs, right? hehehehe, how is everyone?


  1. Unfortunately, my favourite colour is blue, so I'd have to decline the hoodie.

    Mmmh. Family does have to have the other's back. Say, Cyn, how is Red acting today?

    Is he okay?

  2. I LOVE Pinky and the Brain! I prefer petticoats and leather jackets myself. Your brother is going to meet my friend tonight, wonder what they'll talk about. I'm ok, just getting ready to run!


  3. awwwww maybe we can find you a blue one.
    he's...i don't really wanna talk about it. let's talk about you instead! how are you doing? c:

    oooohh you dress like an old timey person.

  4. Wrond kind of petticoat. Mine look suitably awesome.

  5. I don't really enjoy hoodies. They either make me too fat or too...cute? Girlish? I tend to go for trenchcoats and the like, and my favorite color happens to be black.

    I'm doing well, for the most part. Me and a couple of friends are going to the movies tomorrow. Debating between I Am Number Four and Just Go With It. Most likely going to end up seeing the latter.

  6. I think I'd like that Cyn. I'll probably be meeting Red again soon anyway.

    So...okay. If you don't want to talk about it. But remember, I only wish to help.

    I'm...decent I guess.

    What about you? Are you eating well?

  7. oooooh what do they look like, shelly?

    trenchcoats always look really cool too, becca! i dunno what those movies are, but try and go to the better one so you don't waste money. c:

    okay! this is awesome we can go shopping together and try and find something for you! i haven't gone shopping in a while hehehehehe!
    i am eating fine i get to go get my own food like an adult! c:

  8. They come down to knees, and have really cool flaps on the shoulders. I have one, maybe I'll wear it if we ever meet! And my awesome hat. :)

  9. I want a hoodie now. Oh wait, I can just make it look like I've got Redlight's. Nevermind~.

  10. What, us shopping together, Cyn?


    ....I'm touched, for reasons beyond your comprehension or anything I've ever said on the internet.

    Hehe. I'm sure you do. Just remember to stay /healthy/ too, huh?

  11. So far they both want to see the former.

    It's funny because I never took one of them as a science fiction fan. Although he's probably more into the looks if anything. <_____<

    We're also planning on shopping together too. Maybe we can compare our purchases some time.

  12. I managed to complete the errands Father had for me. I will be returning to hibernation until I am need again. I do not get to come out very often any more.

  13. "Until I am need again?"

    "Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?" Much?

  14. I have hoodies. They're nice:)

  15. you sound like a very snazzy person, shelly. if we do ever meet you'll have to wear it! c:

    hmmmm maybe you should go for your own idea yggy. being original always gets you more points.

    the last time i went shopping was with Mommy. and that was a while ago. it would be kinda fun i guess because i've never really had a friend before. :/ i'll try and stay healthy if you do.

    i love science fiction! the channel on tv is my favorite besides the cartoons. it gives me something to do during the day besides watch mindless idiots be...well...mindless idiots.

    well thank you for doing the errands, ex. i'm sure you could always find something else to do, there's so many people, y'know?

    i like hoodies too, princess. it gets cold here a lot of the time.

  16. I have no qualms with being your friend, Cyn. I did sit with you all that time....and I talked with you when Red and I were at the Space Needle too.

    I insist on staying healthy. I'm currently eating a carrot.

  17. that's true. although i think at the time you wanted to talk to big brother more. hehehehehehe ava you misunderstand me. you gotta be careful of what's coming too. promise me that?

  18. Nhm.

    Why do you care, Cyn?

    I'm not generally careful with my wellbeing, but I tend to try not to die. Is that good enough?

  19. i don't really know. i care about everyone who comments and who gets involved, even if they don't believe me. they're my family though most of the time they don't want to be. i am perfectly rational right now, very clear on what i see. everyone acts like i've gone off the deep end and i haven't.

    i still love. i love Mommy and i love Him and big brother. i can even love you all too but i'm not sure yet.

    you're friends to me. friends are supposed to care and i do, i guess. it's so much easier just to talk to you all instead of running around giving cryptic messages and codes that mean nothing.

  20. "it's so much easier just to talk to you all instead of running around giving cryptic messages and codes that mean nothing."

    Heheh. First scrap of sense I've heard all day.

    I care. I care about everyone, and have reserve caring for even the foes, as Reach said.

    I care about Red a little too. There was one sentence that he said which really sticks in my mind and /forces/ me to care more. Willingly or no.

    How is he currently?

  21. hehehehehe a lot of the others don't make sense, do they? i dunno why.

    what exactly made you wanna care all of a sudden? you /did/ stick a knife in him just a little while ago.

  22. The others...hell I don;t know why either. People would take them seriously if they actually TALKED rather than crypticked about all over the place.

    I don't regret stabbing him, or shooting him in the foot...

    But I read something he wrote and, horrifyingly, was touched and could relate, wholly.

    I do not like being able to relate to Redlight.

    Not to mention that I've already lamented the fact that we aren't allies. And I was taken aback by our meeting. I wasn't expecting intelligence and civility. Okay, he taunted the crap out of me and scared me witless too, but...

    I'm terribly intrigued and wish to help him.

    I'm a Scientist, it's what we do. We want answers, no matter what.

  23. i feel like people listen to me. i think most of the time it's because they believe that they are "rescuing" me or something even though they honestly couldn't do anything if they wanted to. that and i'm fine.

    you related to him? really? seems like most of the people did. it was kinda surprising. :/ maybe you have a crush on him, ava. hehehehehe that would be a fun one to explain to my brothers. after all, you seem to get caught up in everything that goes in around these blogs.

    i try and stay out for the most part. it's easier that way. well...until i'm needed of course. c:

  24. Eeh. I gave up trying to rescue you after He took you back. It's really pointless for the moment. We have other priorities.

    Mm. It's not something I like to talk about.

    Hehe. I doubt that, sweetie. Seriously. I'm with someone I love very much and he's it. I'm certainly interested in a tentative....alliance? If at all possible in the future....I'm so intrigued...

    Mmmm. I've noticed. It's hard to keep track of everyone. I've had to be a little colder than I want to be and ignore a few people, there are simply so many.

    Ha! I noticed. Thank you, for my Mother, by the way.

  25. hehehehe then you're being smart. good for you! c:

    i guess that's okay if you don't wanna talk about it. we all have secrets and stuff.

    yeah i know you love brother. you kinda kissed him in front of me which was gross. i hope Mommy and daddy weren't like that. as for an alliance, all you have to do is come with us and we'll let you into our family, ava. but otherwise it won't work out.

    i like to follow the interesting ones. they're more fun! c:

    wellllll i could say you're welcome but that wasn't me. it was Him. it was really wonderful.

  26. Smart or Apathetic. This appears to be my philosophy in life.

    Maybe some other time...I guess...

    I whu.......Pass.

    Hnn. I'll keep that in mind.

    Well, fun is not always better.

    Are the you okay though?

    And you haven't answered my original question....

  27. why wouldn't i be okay? everything seems to think that something bad is happening to me. it's gotten a lot better since big brother came back for me. c:

    oops! what was the question?

  28. Hehe. I don't mean like that. I mean in the small talk way. You know, like "How was your day?" Or somesuch.

    Is Red okay too?

  29. i think my day was good. i was happy through almost the whole thing so that's always nice. c: how was yours?

    big brother is perfectly fine. i think you should stop worrying about him, ava.

  30. Boring. I sat in a shrub and stared at people from a distance. I think Red was there actually....

    I'm glad that you're not in harm's way currently. Why did you use the word "I think" at the beginning?

    I can't help it. I'm terribly interested. Scientist, remember, Cyn? Always looking for answers.

  31. that sounds terribly boring. how is daddy doing, by the way? you should tell him i said hi.

    because i was thinking of the thought in my mind at the moment in time and i figured i should voice the thought because i do in fact think so much. c;

    this is why the scientist tends to die in the movies and books. there's such thing as knowing too much, ava.

  32. It was, horribly so. He's good, healthy, alive. Still my closest friend and still an ass. I shall, I'm sure it will lead to a moment of confused Fatherly almost-affection that I shall poke him about later for fun.

    ........Touché, little one.

    Everyone dies, Cynthia. Scientists and Ignoramuses alike.

    Oh of course there is, but He's already stalking me and will more than likely kill me, I doubt there's much worse to come from knowing more.

    What time is it where you are, Cyn?

  33. hehehehehe i hope not. he's not a good daddy to have. at all.

    thank you. i can be cryptic if i want to. c:

    i know that. i've seen it happen. it's kinda ava, you should know better than that. the more you know the worse it gets. hehehehe physical injuries aren't the worst, after all.


  34. Hmm. He's is an excellent friend to have though. To me at least. Then again, I'm not very good with normal people in general.

    Oh of course not, but I'm perfectly fine with baring the brunt of all that if it helps my cause. After all, Mother and I are, while petrified of death, accepting.

    If we help people during the amount of time we have left, that's a life well spent.

    Think of it as redemption.

    Beeeeeeecaaaaauuuusssseeeeee you're eleven years old sweetheart. You didn't seem to have been getting much sleep last I saw you. It's unhealthy. I'm sure /your/ Mother would say the same.

    It's simple concern.

  35. hehehehehe oh you two are going to have a lot to talk about if he ever decides to go into what happened during all those years. i don't know if you'll like what you'll hear. but that's for another day, right? c:

    hmmmmmmm, i really hope you don't regret those words, ava.

    i'm basically an adult now! i get to do whatever i want now...though big brother is back and tells me not to do some stuff so i guess not everything. it's night time where i am. or really really early morning. i dunno. the clock on this computer doesn't really work.

  36. It's 11:30.PM.

    You're in Seattle. I just wanted to get you to say it~

    I really don't think anything could shock me anymore. I view us all in the moment, not with our pasts attached. I find it easier to keep some semblance of friendship/morals that way.

    I will. One day. But I don't care anymore. Mother doesn't either.

  37. hehehehe, wrong-o ava, but thanks for playing. i know you wanna know where i am, but just know that i'm with Him and him. c:

    aw ava, it's when you start to think like that that things get bad. there's always something. try not to get too scared when it happens. :c

    how is your mommy? do you know?

  38. Damn. Next time, huh?

    Things are already getting bad. I can sense it.

    I can't guarantee that I won't. But I'll try my hardest, how's that?

    Yes I do, we're been on the phone almost constantly.

    She's okay, safe, fed, clothed. But her mind isn't the best at the moment. She's still crying a little.

  39. maybe. and maybe you'll see me soon. who knows, right? c;

    ooooh maybe you have some sort of built in radar in your brain that allows you to know when trouble is near! how cool would that be?

    i know. those men were jerks. they deserved to go for messing with the game. >:c

  40. Hmm. Maybe. Though, I hope for under favourable circumstances.

    I doubt that. But the Slenderman standing across the street from our hideout is a REALLY big indicator that something's up.

    Mmmm. Game?

  41. yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh that's what He does. who knows why. :/ all i know is that it's best to stay on His good side.

    life is a game. and He gets to decide the rules. so when people start to mess the game up i think He gets angry. dunno, just a guess.

  42. Who is He to decide the rules of Us?

    Forgive me...I am tired and antsy.

    Don't you think you should be sleeping?


  43. no one knows what He is, who He is, why He does the things He does. but He knows best, after all.

    i think you should go to bed, ava. try switching the watch to daddy, i'm sure he's being so very useful sleeping there and making you do all the work. i guess i'll go now. see you soon (?) ava. c:

  44. Actually, I kinda forced the guys to sleep. They looked horrible and moved slowly. Not good.

    I can keep the watch going. He has left for some reason.

    Bye, Cyn.

  45. What does daddy want with me? Is he happy, or angry at me? Tell me, sweet Cynthia, this is becoming a terrible puzzle.

  46. i couldn't tell you that. no one knows what He wants from you. i suppose you'll find out in the end though, hehehehehe

  47. I want to tear his guts out even more since he wants to even think about killing me. I'll kill him either before or after he kills me. Or at the same time.